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Click on the link below to meet some of the “difference makers” in the secured finance community. This issue of The Secured Lender celebrates those who are having a profound impact on both their communities and their organizations. 

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  • TSL1119_DrinkDailyGreens Putting Capital to Work - Far West Capital Customer: Drink Daily Greens
    Jan 6, 2020
    Meet an entrepreneur trying to make the world a “greener” place.  

    At 33 years old, Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer - a head-spinning diagnosis for anyone, but especially a new mother at 33 who considered herself fairly healthy. Then came the draining, life-sapping chemo that would save her life, but leave her feeling weak and malnourished

  • MyraThomas Education Focus 20/20: Dynamic Educational Content Is Key for Members

    As the Secured Finance Network celebrates its 75th anniversary, its commitment to the education of its membership remains tantamount to the organization. Part of that commitment is making sure that secured lenders of all stripes are provided with the essential tools, training, and best practices to ensure their professional success. But that educational content must stay dynamic, updating foundational courses and offering new and compelling material to deal with current business challenges. SFNet’s new initiative, Education Focus 20/20, supported by the Secured Finance Foundation, brings that vision to life.

  • RobKatz SFNET, Peoples United Bank and EisnerAmper Partner with Temple University

    As an SFNet Chapter leader, some of the most enjoyable times are spent working with the next generation.  Joe Accardi, Head of New Business Development at Peoples United Business Capital, and I did that earlier this fall at Temple University, where I have been an adjunct professor for the last 11 years.  During the last two semesters, Joe has led discussions on asset-based lending (ABL) with graduating seniors.  Jeff Walsh and the team at SFNet prepared a slide presentation on the particulars of ABL and Joe also prepared a separate supplement.

  • morse, david Committee Spotlight: Convention Programming Committee 2019
    This column highlights the hard work and dedication of SFNet committee volunteers. Here we speak with David Morse, chair of the Convention Programming Committee 2019.
  • SusanCarol_150x150 SFNet 75th Annual Convention Delivers Latest Insights on Secured Finance Strengths and Pressures

    SFNet's 75th Annual Convention featured a fantastic lineup of thought leaders whose insights helped attendees see around corners and make the best decisions for their  business. From leading private debt and equity players and supply chain experts to M&A advisors, ground-breaking economists and the best minds in the legal community, industry authorities shed light on the issues affecting attendees' business now and in the future. The latest data and forecasts including all new studies dimensioning the secured finance market and examining its inter-relationships was also presented. Whether an ABL lender, factor, advisor, intermediary or other, there was something for everyone in our Network.

  • Keating The Many Facets of Succession Planning

    Succession planning is not a contingency plan. It is a core human resources function that builds and sustains shareholder value.

  • Tom O jan 06_150x150 The Distressed Organization and its Viability
    Editor's Note: This article is intended for newer entrants into the industry. Look for more content like this throughout the year.

    Most organizations move along a continuum. Diametrical opposites, the end points of the continuum reflect a very different state of affairs. At one end of the continuum is the custodial environment, which is relatively stable and resource rich. The organization is profitable with growing revenues as reflected in both margins and market share. This provides access to additional capital if required. Information provided to management is timely, relevant and reliable. It is used by a competent and stable management team.  


  • JoeIngrassia_Capstone When Art Meets Finance

    TSL Express’ senior editor sat down with Capstone Business Credit’s managing member, Joseph Ingrassia, and Romulus Entertainment’s founder and CEO, Brad Feinstein, to discuss a unique partnership in film finance. 

  • PaulSchuldiner_Headshot_150X150 Purchase Order Financing: Then, Now and What’s Ahead
    Purchase order financing has been around nearly as long as its close relatives (factoring) and distant ones (merchant banking), but has become much more prevalent in the last decade. With better technology and other innovations accelerating manufacturing and production timelines to meet demand from e-commerce and big box customers, the global supply chain has never been under more stress. We see this with the China tariffs, Brexit and other significant changes to trade policy. Purchase order financing has never been a more valuable option for companies buying and selling around the globe.
  • Smith_Brian_HollandKnight150x150 Isn’t That What it Says? -- Potential Perils of Incorporation by Reference in Finance Transactions

    Commercial lending transactions are memorialized with a comprehensive, and often voluminous, set of loan documentation. In an attempt to expedite closing, and reduce closing binder sizes, lenders (and their counsel) are always seeking ways to streamline the loan- documentation process.