About SFNet

SFNet is the essential resource for all organizations and professionals who deliver and enable secured finance to businesses.

Founded in 1944, the Secured Finance Network is an essential resource for all organizations and professionals who deliver and enable secured finance to businesses. The hub of a vibrant community, SFNet brings together the people, data, knowledge, tools, and insights that put capital to work. 

Through a range of networking opportunities —from large-scale conferences to intimate local chapter events—SFNet fosters communities of interest that can generate opportunities, deal flow, and long-term relationships and collaborations.

CEO Rich Gumbrecht gives An Inside View of the Secured Finance Network on the "SFNet presents In The Know" podcast (air date Oct. 14, 2022).

Uniquely positioned to look across the landscape, SFNet and the Secured Finance Foundation provide industry data that otherwise would be hard to come by, information driving smart business decisions that improve our members’ competitiveness.


SFNet also develops and delivers training and tools through in-person and online educational programs that promote best practices, advance organizations, build staff capabilities and propel individual careers.

And as the premiere association of asset-based lenders, factoring firms and other secured finance constituents, SFNet is a strong advocate representing members on critical public policy and legal issues that have an impact on our industry and members’ businesses.

The Secured Finance Network anticipates and responds to the needs of our multifaceted community: international, regional and community banks; entrepreneurial firms; factors; allied service providers; and the diverse individuals—from young professionals to seasoned executives—who move our industry forward. SFNet’s strength is directly drawn from the talent, commitment, and energy of our members, and this strength, in turn, makes all our members and their organizations stronger.


Principles of Fair Business Practices

In recognition of the crucial role that secured finance plays in our economy, the need to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards for continued growth and prominence of our industry, and to sustainably and reliably deliver on our promise of putting capital to work, the Secured Finance Network has adopted a set of Principles of Fair Business Practices.

SFNet recognizes the diversity of our community and that different companies appropriately employ different and constantly evolving business practices depending on a variety of factors including product type, market served, business model and transaction complexity. 

These principles are meant to be embraced to ensure clarity, encourage best practices and promote integrity in the conduct of all facets of our members’ business interactions and transactions both internally and externally.

  • To conduct business transactions with transparency with respect to the roles and responsibilities of all parties.
  • To provide full disclosure in and clarity of transaction proposals and documentation.
  • To conduct business relationships with suppliers and customers in a fair and reasonable manner in accordance with the letter and spirit of applicable laws and regulations.
  • To encourage, to the extent practical, that all parties to a business agreement (including members’ customers and suppliers) operate in a manner consistent with these Principles.
  • To invest in the development of technical competencies and engage professional advisors where necessary or appropriate.
  • To conduct business transactions and related activities with integrity and the highest ethical standards.
  • To promote education and awareness of these Principles.



Our History

SFNet's origins go back to 1944 with the founding of the National Conference of Receivable Companies. Today, after changing from the Commercial Finance Association, SFNet represents all secured finance companies including asset-based lenders, factoring, supply chain finance/trade finance, and the service providers, among others, who support and enable capital to small to medium-sized businesses.


SFNet Hall of Fame

We announced the inaugural SFNet Hall of Fame, coinciding with our 75th Annual Convention, in November 2019. Inductees consist of our Lifetime Achievement Award winners, individuals who have made unique, significant or lasting contributions to the secured finance industry throughout their careers.


Trends in Secured Finance

SFNet's Annual Asset-Based Lending & Factoring Survey has measured year-to-year asset-based lending and factoring activity since 1976. And trends in asset-based lending are demonstrated in SFNet's Quarterly ABL Index, which provides new business and portfolio performance indicators for members on a quarter-by-quarter basis. See how our members invest in America, serving clients large and small. These reports contains insights into the secured finance market performance.


Annual Meeting
SFNet Annual Convention

With over 1,000 professionals involved in asset-based lending, factoring, appraisals/auctions/liquidations, software development, law, accounting, insurance, turnaround management, field examinations, search, filing and document retrieval coming together, our SFNet Annual Convention is a prime opportunity to network with your peers, learn about the newest industry trends, and develop new connections across the industry.