The SFNet Guide to the California Commercial Finance Disclosure Laws and Regulations

SFNet is pleased to provide our members with what we believe is the most comprehensive Guide to complying with the controversial new California Disclosure Regulations for Commercial Finance Transactions that go into effect December 9, 2022. The Regulations apply to non-regulated commercial institutions offering financial transactions of $500,000 or less to California borrowers. While the intention of this legislation is to encourage transparency and enable comparisons between alternative financing options, it is SFNet’s view that the law, with its unrealistic, complex, one-size-fits-all approach instead will create more confusion than clarity for lenders and borrowers alike and inhibit, rather than enhance, the flow of capital. While we have made a substantial investment in providing this resource to our members, we are committed to continuing to influence a more pragmatic solution in California and elsewhere.

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MSS-FINALSecured Finance Foundation with assistance from Ernst & Young, has conducted the first-of-its-kind Secured Finance Industry Market Sizing and Impact Study for the purpose of benchmarking, strategic planning, attracting capital and assisting in advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry.