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Click on the link below to meet some of the “difference makers” in the secured finance community. This issue of The Secured Lender celebrates those who are having a profound impact on both their communities and their organizations. 

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  • Aaron Hughes The SME Lending Landscape in 2020

    Aaron Hughes, Managing Director of Equiniti Riskfactor, a leading provider in the commercial finance industry, examines the SME lending market for the coming year and the importance of risk management to lenders.

  • The End of Libor Is a $12 Trillion Headache for Loan Bankers

    The whole financial world is working to move away from Libor and other interbank lending benchmarks, which for decades have been used to set borrowing costs on bonds and loans, as well as products ranging from derivatives to credit cards. Since 2018, more than $150 billion worth of bonds have been sold using rates set by a new generation of benchmarks. The syndicated loan market is lagging far behind, with at least $12 trillion of deals needing to be replaced or rewritten so they follow a Libor alternative. There are no easy fixes in sight despite potential deadlines as early as this year.

  • Dave Kucera, Capital One Lenders Think About Recession Readiness
    The head of Capital One’s Financial Institutions Group reviews the trends that lenders should be watching as we shift into 2020.
  • Thoughts on the Third Quarter 2019 Asset-Based Lending Index

    Q3 2019 results generally demonstrate the continuation of trends observed throughout 2019.  Year to date, we continue to have growth in the industry as a whole and credit quality remains solid.  There are a few notable deviations from trends observed throughout the year as we will see.

    General economic conditions continue to be top of mind for the secured finance community, but it is interesting to note that we continue to see a divergence between Bank and Non-Bank Lenders with respect to the SFNet Confidence Index. As a reminder, starting in 2019, we have chosen to divide the ABL lender universe along Bank and Non-Bank lines, as opposed to our previous methodology of splitting up the ABL lender universe by portfolio size.

  • Joseph Nemia, TD Bank Review and Forecast with Joseph Nemia, Executive Vice President - Head of Asset Based Lending at TD Bank

    Joseph Nemia looks back at 2019 and discusses what the secured finance industry can expect to see in 2020.


  • HuntingfordArt Trade Finance Insights: Financing Trade Receivables Beyond ABL or Factoring

    A Demica senior director explains how trade receivable securitization programs can be used as a valuable alternative to other funding solutions, especially in cross-border or challenging credit environments.


  • TSL1119_DrinkDailyGreens Putting Capital to Work - Far West Capital Customer: Drink Daily Greens
    Jan 6, 2020
    Meet an entrepreneur trying to make the world a “greener” place.  

    At 33 years old, Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer - a head-spinning diagnosis for anyone, but especially a new mother at 33 who considered herself fairly healthy. Then came the draining, life-sapping chemo that would save her life, but leave her feeling weak and malnourished

  • MyraThomas Education Focus 20/20: Dynamic Educational Content Is Key for Members

    As the Secured Finance Network celebrates its 75th anniversary, its commitment to the education of its membership remains tantamount to the organization. Part of that commitment is making sure that secured lenders of all stripes are provided with the essential tools, training, and best practices to ensure their professional success. But that educational content must stay dynamic, updating foundational courses and offering new and compelling material to deal with current business challenges. SFNet’s new initiative, Education Focus 20/20, supported by the Secured Finance Foundation, brings that vision to life.

  • RobKatz SFNET, Peoples United Bank and EisnerAmper Partner with Temple University

    As an SFNet Chapter leader, some of the most enjoyable times are spent working with the next generation.  Joe Accardi, Head of New Business Development at Peoples United Business Capital, and I did that earlier this fall at Temple University, where I have been an adjunct professor for the last 11 years.  During the last two semesters, Joe has led discussions on asset-based lending (ABL) with graduating seniors.  Jeff Walsh and the team at SFNet prepared a slide presentation on the particulars of ABL and Joe also prepared a separate supplement.

  • morse, david Committee Spotlight: Convention Programming Committee 2019
    This column highlights the hard work and dedication of SFNet committee volunteers. Here we speak with David Morse, chair of the Convention Programming Committee 2019.