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The mission of the Secured Finance Foundation is to encourage, facilitate, and support education, innovation, and charitable works for the betterment of organizations and professionals who deliver and enable secured finance—and for the communities of which they are a part.

As a separate entity from the Secured Finance Network, the Secured Finance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that funds crucial initiatives benefiting secured lenders worldwide.

Where does your money go?

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Generous donations from corporations and individuals make it possible for us to move the industry forward in these key areas:

Education Programs

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Funded by the Secured Finance Foundation, the new “SFNet Education Focus 20/20 Initiative,” is reshaping both course content and delivery to provide a well-rounded foundation for a successful career in secured finance. We are partnering with industry professionals to create classes across multiple discipline tracks, each with an eye to real-world application in the “current” lending environment.

Our support has allowed SFNet’s foundational courses to be re-written in such a way for industry practitioners to gain a thorough understanding of the secured finance ecosystem. Furthermore, master classes have been developed for a deeper dive into specific functional areas and new classes have been developed such as “Impactful Leadership for Secured Finance Professionals.

For example, in today’s environment to prepare secured finance professionals for managing distressed credits and understanding workout strategies, we are funding the development of a new education series that addresses this timely topic and takes a deep dive into workouts and bankruptcies. The courses in workouts include: Preparing for a Workout, Managing Distressed Credits, and Workout Budgeting. The courses in bankruptcies include: Bankruptcy Fundamentals for Lenders Operating in a Turbulent Climate and Creating a DIP/Bankruptcy Budget. All training modules are on-demand and feature bankruptcy attorneys and turnaround professionals who delve into highly relevant, real-world examples.


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Industry Data Studies


Valuable benchmarking and industry data are another key deliverable of the Secured Finance Foundation. Insights gleaned from our research and world-class reporting help to attract capital and keep members up-to-date and equipped to take on any business challenge. The Foundation provides the funding to SFNet so that they can produce data and insights that inform smart business decisions and improve competitiveness for its members in the following ways:

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SFNet “Crucial Conversations” Webinar Series


To ensure timely and relevant information regarding the secured finance industry is disseminated to our members, the Foundation is supporting SFNet’s webinar series around “Crucial Conversations” in the current lending environment. SFNet’s webinars have had thousands of participants.

Delivered in a virtual format, these webinars bring together industry leaders to discuss important topics including valuations, field exams, legal issues, portfolio implications and underwriting. We’re also looking at content from an industry perspective such as retail, consumer, healthcare, supply chain, and more.

For example, the newest edition of the SFNet Market Pulse report and accompanying webinar – both produced together with Keybridge – will take stock of the ongoing economic and financial fallout associated with COVID-19 and determine what’s in store for secured finance over the coming months.


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Development of the next generation


40 Under 40 Awards – Recognizing and supporting the growth of our future leaders is one of the most gratifying endeavors of our Foundation. We celebrate young professionals with our SFNet 40 Under 40 Awards which has recognized over 120 talented individuals in our industry.

Hall of Fame / Past Presidents Mentoring Program – As a new initiative the Foundation is starting a mentoring program to provide our next generation access to the knowledge and expertise of the most talented and respected executives in our industry.

Guest Lecture Program – The Secured Finance Foundation’s Scholarship and Diversity Committee developed a Guest Lecture Program designed to introduce ABL, factoring and other secured finance products to undergraduate juniors and seniors. Once reopened following the pandemic, colleges and universities are the primary targets for these programs that expose students to our industry and the career options that are available to them.

Internships – As an added benefit for students attending the Guest Lecture Program, internships at SFNet member companies are offered to further their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in secured finance.

Scholarships – The Secured Finance Foundation funds scholarships for undergraduate applicants who are interested in a career in secured finance.


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Community Outreach & Investment


The Foundation is proud of our initiatives that help communities recover from the devastation of the pandemic including timely financial relief information on The Cares Act including the Paycheck Protection Program and Main Street Lending Program, free e-learning courses, Small Business Administration (SBA) updates, state-by-state relief updates, and supporting lending organizations that finance underserved or hardest impacted communities.

As part of our initial community outreach roll-out, the Secured Finance Foundation focused and tested our outreach on two lending organizations, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives (Micro Finance Group) and the Chicago Community Loan Fund, who both focus on underserved communities, including women and minority owned businesses. We implemented a pilot program providing access to SFNet training workshops and educational materials for their loan personnel. The program is still in the assessment stage but we hope to expand the scope and accessibility of the program as these organization utilize the training and materials available to them and give us a better sense of their needs. We will be looking to implement our program in other underserved communities in 2021.


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To donate by check, please mail to Secured Finance Foundation, P.O. Box 21611 New York, NY 10087- 1611. The Secured Finance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your contributions are tax deductible. A receipt will be emailed to you as proof of your donation.

Market Sizing Study

MSS-FINALSecured Finance Foundation with assistance from Ernst & Young, has conducted the first-of-its-kind Secured Finance Industry Market Sizing and Impact Study for the purpose of benchmarking, strategic planning, attracting capital and assisting in advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry.