Profiles of Our Inaugural Inductees

October 16, 2019

By Richard D. Gumbrecht

When we set out to rebrand the Commercial Finance Association over a year ago, we knew we wanted to build on our proud heritage while looking to the future. That timeless adage “remember where you came from” was at the forefront of our minds as we discussed the new brand. There were many positive attributes that we wanted to preserve as we planned to reposition our value proposition to align with the priorities of our diverse network. 

One way we determined to preserve our rich legacy and celebrate those who brought us to where we are today was to establish the Secured Finance Network Hall of Fame.  On the following pages, and at ceremonies at this year’s 75th Annual Convention, we will honor the iconic SFNet Hall of Fame inductees who have played an integral role in shaping our industry and association.

We all owe much to these trailblazers and stalwarts of our noble profession. Although they represent the industry during various periods of time (starting with the 1800s!), they all made critical contributions to secured finance and deserve our acclaim. As I read through the nominations, representing all corners of our community, I was struck by the immense talent, hard work and creativity the inductees have expended not only for the good of their respective businesses, but for the industry and our association as a whole.  There were many deserving candidates for this honor who, while not selected this year, I have no doubt will join this elite group before long. The following profiles are a testament to the ingenuity and vision not only of pioneers who are long gone, but those who are leading our industry forward today.