Our 2023 Spring Program application process will open soon.

If you would like to participate as a Mentor or Mentee, please email Betty Lam at blam@sfnet.com indicating your interest and we will alert you as soon as the 2023 application is available.

The Secured Finance Foundation and the SFNet DEI Committee have created a mentoring initiative to serve our community by bridging the gap between established veterans in our industry and those new to their careers. By focusing on inclusivity, we hope to offer a missing component in our members’ professional trajectories.

This virtual Mentoring Program, conducted through a LinkedIn group and various virtual events over a three-month period, will pair each Mentee with a Mentor who will be tasked as a team with participating in discussion groups, zoom gatherings and paired homework, all geared towards professional development.

2023 Mentoring Program Timeline


Once the program is launched, every week there will be an organic discussion prompt posted on Tuesdays, and a structured group virtual gathering or event on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. ET. Please plan to participate and attend as many events as possible to ensure you and your partner get the most benefit out of joining.

Mentors are accepted on a rolling basis, while Mentees are accepted once the application window has closed. This is to ensure that we maintain a 1-to-1 Mentor/Mentee relationship.

There will be a mandatory Speed Mentoring event at the start of the program. If you cannot make this virtual event, you will not be able to participate in the program. This event is devised as the sole way for mentees to get to know the mentors and to select their partners.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet multiple mentors prior to choosing your partner for the program.

Application Process

To be considered for the Mentoring Program, fill out our Mentoring Program Application (application will be available Spring 2023). Our Mentorship Champions will confirm that you are an SFNet or SFNet Chapter member prior to approving your application.

Mentors will be accepted on a rolling basis through the application window. After being accepted as a Mentor, please post a 200-word blurb on why mentorship is important to you. Our Mentees will use those blurbs, and their LinkedIn research, to determine which five Mentors they wish to meet during the Speed Interviewing Event.

Mentees will be accepted and notified after the application window has closed. Some Mentees may not be accepted as we have limited room based on how many Mentors we receive, so be sure to apply early.