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The Secured Finance Foundation and the SFNet DEI Committee proudly present the 2024 Spring iteration of our Mentoring Program. This initiative facilitates connections between seasoned industry veterans and newcomers, fostering a supportive environment for mutual learning through virtual mentoring.

We recognize the value of a workforce that represents all members of our community and believe that growth and development are just as important for DEI initiatives as hiring and retention are. Through a combination of bi-weekly virtual group activities and one-on-one meetings between mentoring pairs, our program provides a supportive environment for Mentees to enhance their skills, gain valuable insights and network with professionals who share similar interests and experiences. Mentors can give back to their industry by sharing their expertise, experience and insights, contributing to the development of the next generation of industry leaders.

Mentoring pairs will engage in bi-weekly group activities via Zoom. We also encourage Mentees and Mentors to participate in 1:1 sessions on alternate weeks, using suggested activities that will be shared on the program’s private LinkedIn group page.

The application period for our Spring 2024 Mentoring Program is January 10 through February 23, 2024. extended to March 22,2024. The program will run March 26 through June 4, 2024.

Application and Acceptance

To be considered for the program, you must:

Rolling admissions are open through the enrollment period, January 10 through February 23 March 22, 2024.

Pairing Process and Program Launch
  • Accepted applicants will receive notification and an invitation for upcoming events and Mentor/Mentee orientation.
  • Mentors will post a 200-word blurb on the private LinkedIn group page, sharing what inspired them to become a mentor.
  • Mentees will post a 200-word blurb on their career or personal goals and how they hope to benefit from the mentoring relationship.
  • Mentees will review LinkedIn posts, conduct research, and choose three Mentors for the mandatory Speed Interviewing event on March 5, 2024.
  • After the event, Mentees will be paired with Mentors for the program's duration.

We encourage active participation in weekly events to maximize program benefits. Events will include discussions, 1:1 Mentor/Mentee pair meetings and group activities.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the program, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Program Manager Denise Castagna at


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To learn more about the SFNet DEI Committee, click here.

Hear directly from last year's cohort through their testimonials.


2023 Mentees

“This program has had a profound effect on my professional development. It has encouraged me to not only expand my network, but to also challenge myself both professional, and mentally. It has also taught me to not be afraid to take challenges and accept more responsibility in work.” Edward Gonzalez, Collateral Analyst, Siena Lending Group

“The Secure Finance Network has given me an opportunity of a lifetime by connecting me to thought leaders of all ages in secured finance. I have not only gained a lifelong relationship through my mentor, but have gained a network of talented professionals that I genuinely think I'll work with throughout the arc of my career. ” Zarik Khimani, Originations Associate, Fifth Third Business Capital

“This mentorship program has immersed me into a whole new industry and has also given me the opportunity to gain exposure to other professionals and mentees. I am grateful for my mentor’s guidance, support and his knowledge along with the long-term relationship that will be the result of an outstanding  two-way contribution that this platform helped us create. I truly believe and advocate for the importance and impact of mentorship as it has been key to my personal and professional growth and appreciate all the hard work that every staff member has put into this program to make it happen.” Arianna Romero, Credit Analyst, Bank of America

“The mentorship program is worth its weight in gold. This program has given me the time and space to connect with so many incredible mentors who “walk the walk & talk the talk”. Doors are opening for me that I didn’t know were possible. I’m now connected with thoughtful and insightful mentors who care about the growth and development of ABL's next generation of leaders. I am blown away by the generosity of our mentors and what we’ve accomplished in our sessions. What a great program for any young professional looking to expand their knowledge and network.” Emily Neuherz, Senior Associate, Portfolio Management, Capital Foundry

“It has been a complete privilege to be a part of this year's SFNet Mentorship Program.  The program has opened up a whole new network in my professional field.  The experiences and ideas shared by all the mentors have given me valuable new skills in developing my career.” Charisma Lohony, Assistant Manager, J D Factors

“The SFNet mentoring program has helped me increase my network, allowing me to meet new people each week. It has also expanded my knowledge in underwriting and originations to further my career. Lastly, it has given me the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with my mentor, on both a professional and personal level.” Aaron Daley, Credit Analyst, Ares Management

2023 Mentors 

“Being a mentor is an incredible opportunity to work with some of the best and the brightest in the workplace. We often think about mentorship as what we give to our mentees in terms of advice and career support. I am so proud to have shared my journey with an amazing young person who I in turn learned so much from during our time together. My mentee has helped me grow personally and allowed me to reflect on my own past and the ways I have handled key moments throughout my career. I am so grateful for the mentorship experience we shared and excited for her as she moves forward in her own career.” Jennifer Palmer, CEO, JPalmer Collective

“It is a privilege to be a part of my mentee’s growth journey. I appreciate the opportunity to encourage, support and guide her to tap into her full potential.” Meredith L. Carter, President and CEO, Edge Capital Lending

“To me, mentoring is the ability to uncover potential, helping cast away self-doubt and revealing the confidence and abilities within.” Vince Mancuso, Managing Director, Garrington Capital

“Trust yourselves! Us mentors, just remind you of your resilience, hard work, passion, and leadership skills to become an added value to your organization.” Rosario Jáuregui, SVP, New Business, Merchant Financial Group

“The joy of mentoring is created in the present for the benefit of all in the future.” Brian Resutek, Senior Vice President, Rosenthal & Rosenthal

"Mentoring the next generation in finance isn't a task; it's a joy. Sharing my experiences in hopes of imparting wisdom, seeing potential ignite, and helping shape success is a reward in itself." Raphael Torres, Head of Business Development, Access Capital

“The SFNet mentorship experience is a great opportunity to collaborate with talented young professionals. A true partnership – fostered by an environment to promote relationships, where both individuals can learn from each other, and share impactful career-building experiences.” Dana Knowlton, Managing Director, BMO

“It becomes more evident every time I speak with young professionals, that it is essential to take into account the intrinsic power drawn from diversity in the market. Seasoned professionals bring experience, younger ones bring innovation and a combination of both, bring success!” Oscar​ Rombola, Managing Director, eCapital