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Continuing professional development is essential for finance professionals to stay current, adaptable and competitive. It not only enhances your skills and credibility but also boosts your career progression. 

SFNet is committed to supporting your growth through a comprehensive range of interactive live-online and in-person courses that offer a dynamic learning environment. Courses are led by industry experts who bring extensive knowledge and practical experience to the table. They use relevant case studies and real-world insights to ensure you gain valuable skills that can be immediately applied in today’s secured finance environment.

In addition, we offer four on-demand series covering the essentials in appraisals, factoring, legal issues, and workouts & bankruptcies. The on-demand series are available to SFNet members at no cost. Rates for non-members vary based on the number of sessions in each series.

NEW We are pleased to introduce the Secured Finance Certified Professional (SFCP) program, our new certification designed to elevate your professional standing and career trajectory. The program requires mastery of core subjects, evidenced by passing a comprehensive exam. When you become an SFCP, you demonstrate your dedication to professional integrity and best practices. To learn about the program, visit the SFCP webpage.

You can take our courses individually, or as part of our SFCP program. Group One comprises Level 1 and introductory courses. Group Two comprises Level 2 and more advanced courses. Group 3/Continuing Education offers additional growth opportunities and leadership training.


Tracks & course descriptions

Group One Courses

Group Two Courses


Group 3 & Continuing Education

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