SFNet's Secured Finance Certified Professional (SFCP) Program

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SFNet is proud to introduce our new SFCP program for member employees. The program's robust curriculum and certification criteria are designed to reinforce industry excellence, elevate your professional standing, and propel your career forward. 

The program is set to become the gold standard in asset-based lending and factoring, offering a prestigious career milestone. Targeted at emerging and mid-career professionals, the program requires mastery of core subjects, evidenced by passing a comprehensive exam. Certified individuals earn an SFCP credential, showcasing their ongoing dedication to professional integrity and industry best practices. 

Lenders with SFCP-certified staff highlight their dedication to excellence and an employee-centered culture, which aids in attracting and retaining talent. The SFCP certification enriches member organizations’ training programs with industry-aligned standards, cultivating advanced skills in decision-making, risk management, and problem-solving.

Why become certified?

Certification sets you apart by:

  • Validating your expertise 
  • Enhancing your career prospects both within your organization and in the industry
  • Demonstrating your commitment to continued professional development 
How to become certified?

To achieve your SFCP:

  1. sign up to begin the process: registration
  2. complete five qualifying SFNet courses
  3. pass the certification exam

Our interactive live-online and in-person courses offer a dynamic learning environment. Courses are led by industry experts who bring extensive knowledge and practical experience to the table. They use relevant case studies and real-world insights to ensure you gain valuable skills that can be immediately applied in today’s secured finance environment.

Certifications requires the successful completion of two classes from Group 1, two classes from Group 2, and one class from Group 3.

Candidates must be employed by an active SFNet member company to participate in the program. 

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

Our distinguished instructors bring a wealth of expertise and experience to your learning journey. Members of our faculty embodies excellence in their respective fields. They will equip you with the tools, strategies and insights needed to navigate today's complex professional landscape. With this knowledge, you can test for your SFCP with confidence.

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Pricing: $3,000* + $295 exam fee
Time Commitment: All required courses must be completed within an 18 month period.
Credit for prior courses: Eligible courses completed after July 1, 2023, can be credited toward certification. 
Maintaining certification: Complete at least 18 units of continuing education ("CEUs") for each 2-year reporting period.

this price represents a discount vs. purchasing each required course a la carte.

FAQs on becoming an SFCP and maintaining your certification:


Become an SFCP

Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned professional, certification can help you become a high-value resource to your company and be recognized as among the most capable individuals in the industry. With an SFNet Secured Finance Certified Professional credential, you demonstrate your expertise and credibility, improve your job performance, and enhance your opportunity for career growth.

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