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Click on the link below to meet some of the “difference makers” in the secured finance community. This issue of The Secured Lender celebrates those who are having a profound impact on both their communities and their organizations. 

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  • Richard_Hatley_Headshot Securing an Asset-Based Loan with the Borrower in the Driver’s Seat

    Corporate entities often turn to asset-based lending (ABL) as a strategic way to fund acquisitions, reduce capital volatility inherent in cash flow structures, or simply to accelerate growth. Secured by company assets, this alternative path to cash flow financing has historically followed the same process: companies choose a lending institution based on the most attractive deal structure, accept its deal terms, and undergo a field exam and asset appraisal to determine the appropriate borrowing terms.

  • Don_Warrant_FreedMaxick Software as a Service Sales Tax: Wayfair’s Impact on SaaS and Digital Goods

    A recent Supreme Court case and related law changes in many states have resulted in significant new state sales tax obligations on many SaaS providers. It’s important to understand that these changes could result in new tax collection responsibilities on your business even in states where you have operated without them in the past.

    Executives need to act quickly to make sure that their existing operations are in compliance with the new rules and that their systems can adapt as sales growth and law changes trigger additional obligations.  

  • A New Multinational Financing Frontier? Recent US Tax Guidance Opens New Avenues of Foreign Credit Support for Certain US Borrowings at an Uncertain Cost
    As lenders, borrowers and their advisors are well aware, the enactment of what is informally referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “TCJA”) introduced fundamental changes to U.S. tax law that immediately impacted the structuring, terms and implications of financing arrangements. Although the TCJA’s initial effects were significant, the prospect of future material changes also existed in the form of implementing guidance. True to that promise, recently finalized regulations (the “Regulations”) promulgated under Section 956 may have the most dramatic effect yet on financing arrangements involving multinational companies.
  • Brett Garver photo We Do Know LIBOR Is Going Away—but Here’s What We Don’t Know Yet
    LIBOR (or the London Inter-bank Offered Rate), the most widely utilized reference rate for financial transactions in the world, will cease to be quoted at the end of 2021.  A mind-boggling $200 trillion in LIBOR-based financing contracts were outstanding in 2018.  Although the impending demise of LIBOR has been predicted for many years following the well-documented LIBOR price-fixing scandal that shook the banking industry, the reality of LIBOR’s demise has gone from a distant theoretical concept to a present and pressing issue for those in all areas of the finance industry. 
  • Gail Bernstein Gail K. Bernstein Reflects on Her Successful Career in ABL

    Gail K. Bernstein was executive vice president, national investment manager for PNC Business Credit, located in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to September 2013, she was the marketing manager of PNC Business Credit-Western Region, a de novo office that she opened in 1998. Besides her extensive experience in ABL, her career encompasses a specialization in international lending and investment management. She has traveled extensively in Latin America and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

    After 20 years with PNC, Bernstein retired on August 30, 2019. 

  • David Rains photo Methods for Winning the Candidate on the First Interview

    We tend to believe that most people who go to an interview will automatically take the job if it is offered, but many times that is not the case. It is important to remember that while you are interviewing the candidate, the candidate is also interviewing both you and the company. Just as the company has a checklist of what it is looking for, so does the candidate. Here is a guide to some of the most tried and true ways for an interviewer to ensure a ‘Yes!’ from a candidate after only one interview.

  • JonathanRosen_Synovus Synovus Launches New Specialty Finance Division and Structured Finance Team
    Synovus Bank announced the launch of a new Specialty Finance Division, focused on providing debt capital financing and commercial banking solutions to fund companies operating in niche asset classes. 
  • LIBOR Phase-Out: Considerations for Oil & Gas Companies

    With over $370 trillion of global financial contracts referencing LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offered Rate), many oil and gas companies are curious about how the phase-out of LIBOR by 2021 could impact their organization. Many companies are beginning to ask how this transition will impact their organization and what steps can be taken now. The following is a discussion of:

    • why LIBOR is being phased out;
    • the transition plan for the phase-out;
    • items companies should consider; and the steps that can be taken now.  
  • Leigh Lones Three Ways to Improve Your Risk Performance Through Data Technology
    Aug 19, 2019

    By embracing technology, you can collect, analyze and respond quickly to easily accessible data that helps you accomplish three things simultaneously: mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and develop your organization’s talent.

  • Keith Spacapan Cars Aren’t Dead: They’re Just Morphing into What Comes Next
    If, indeed, the traditional car as we have known it is “dead”, and its current successors are likely to be short-lived placeholders for what is to come… to understand what’s next and how it will impact the asset-based valuations we perform in the automotive industry, it is necessary to first understand how we got here.