Martin I. Katz Guest Lecture Scholarship

Emerging data suggests roughly 47% of students who participate in an internship are forced to take on debt to complete their internship, from rent in a new city, daily living expenses, work attire, to travel and other unanticipated costs. Further evidence supports the theory that accepting an internship widens the divide between wealthy students who can afford to accept a career-furthering opportunity and others who must spend time outside of their studies working.

In support of the Guest Lecture Program, the Katz Family has created a scholarship to lessen the financial stressors, help remove monetary disenfranchisement, and bring diverse talent to the secured finance industry.

Who is eligible?
Any undergraduate or graduate student who:

  1. Attends a Guest Lecture
  2. Secures a paid or unpaid internship at one of our 276 member companies
  3. Provides a Letter of Completion from the internship supervisor
  4. Completes a scholarship application

Students will be accepted on a rolling basis, with limited acceptance capacity each fiscal year (Oct.-Sept.). Once yearly capacity has been reached, this page will be updated to reflect that no further applications will be reviewed until the next application cycle.

What is the scholarship amount?
Students who complete the above steps and are selected will receive a check for $2,000.

What if I skip a step?
Only students who provide the Guest Lecture proof of attendance, attain an internship through the Guest Lecture Program at one of our member companies, provide proof of internship completion and submit a completed scholarship application will be eligible to receive a scholarship.

When will I be notified of acceptance?
Students who submit an application will receive a communication from SFNet within 14 business days with their acceptance or rejection status and next steps. Rejections will be due exclusively to either a) failure to meet all eligibility requirements, or b) scholarship program capacity.

What is a Letter of Completion?

Each student must have their internship supervisor or team leader complete the below Letter of Completion as proof they have satisfied the terms of their internship.

Letter of Completion Template

Where can I view available internships?

The internship database is only available to students who attend a Guest Lecture. A link to that page will be made available during your school’s Guest Lecture.

What if we don’t have a Guest Lecture set up at my university?

We love scheduling new events and will gladly work with any student or academic faculty member. Download our brochure or reach out to Jeff Walsh, for further information.

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