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Click on the link below to meet some of the “difference makers” in the secured finance community. This issue of The Secured Lender celebrates those who are having a profound impact on both their communities and their organizations. 

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  • RichardGumbrecht150x150 Interview with Rich Gumbrecht, CEO of Secured Finance Network, formerly Commercial Finance Association
    RIch Gumbrecht, CEO of the Secured Finance Network, discusses signs of financial stress, recession, tariffs and sources of capital.
  • JanTamman150x150 SFNet 40 Under 40 Award Winner Catch up With Jan Tammen
    Jan Tammen, SVP - National Recurring Field Exam Manager at PNC, reflects back on receiving the SFNet 40 Under 40 Award in 2018 and his new role at PNC. The 40 Under 40 Awards will return in 2020 in New York City. 
  • Tessa Brend headshot2019150x150 SFNet YoPro Leadership Summit's Women Industry Leaders Panel

    What’s it like to be a woman executive in a historically male-dominated industry?  What do you wish you knew when you were 30?  Young professionals had the chance to listen to top women executives in the ABL industry offer advice on career moves, leadership, diversity, and more at the SFNet’s YoPro Leadership Summit held in Chicago, IL on August 28th.

  • Andrew Loughlin photo Meet YoPro Chapter President Drew Loughlin of SFNet's New York Chapter
    Avi Levine, vice president at Star Funding, Inc. (pictured left) and Andrew (Drew) Loughlin, vice president, People's United Bank, catch up and discuss Drew’s involvement with the SFNet New York Chapter over the years. Drew has currently served as the President of the Chapter for the past two years. Drew can be reached at andrew.loughlin@peoples.com and Avi at alevine@starfunding.net
  • MattGillman_SMBCompass_150x150 Meet YoPro Entrepreneur Matt Gillman, CEO of SMB Compass
    Avi Levine, vice president at Star Funding, Inc., sat down with Matthew Gillman, CEO of SMB Compass, a bespoke business financing company focused on providing financing and education to small businesses across the United States. Matt discusses starting up SMB Compass and the challenges he faces as a young entrepreneur.
  • WilliamKemp_Republic150x150 SFNet's 2nd Annual YoPro Leadership Summit Recap
    The Secured Finance Network brought together the future commercial finance leaders for a full day of learning and development at the offices of JPMorgan Chase in Chicago. The Leadership Summit included many great panels, opportunities to expand professional networks and a chance to have fun with industry peers.
  • Legislative and Legal Update

    New York State Senator James Sanders, Jr. (D-Queens, New York) has introduced a bill (S 6688) in the New York State Senate, which is presently pending before the Senate Committee on Rules.  The bill would require the licensing by the Superintendent of Banking of the New York State Banking Department (“Superintendent”) of persons or entities engaged in the business of making or soliciting commercial financing products to businesses located in New York State.

  • U.S. Completes Ratification Process for U.N. Receivables Convention

    In a previous issue of TSL Express, we noted that, on January 2, 2019, the United States Senate gave its advice and consent to the United Nations Convention to the United Nations Assignment of Receivables in International Trade.  At the time, we noted that all that remained to complete the ratification process was for the White House to authorize the deposit of the Convention with the United Nations Treaty Office.  We are pleased to report that this step has finally occurred, 16 years after the Convention was signed by the United States. The SFNet is proud to have played a role in the drafting of the Convention and its adoption


  • CharliePerer Eyes Wide Shut – The ABL Industry Predicted the Bubble Bursting
    When the credit markets dry up only a few will understand how it happened.  The few that are in the know – and saw it coming - are bank-ABL industry executives who are pushing credit executives in C&I to properly risk-rate and downgrade marginal credits and transfer to ABL.  Risk-rating models and politics in a bank can be subjective, not forward looking and can be interpreted with the goal of keeping clients in C&I, especially when meaningful P&L income is at risk. 
  • CliveIsenberg_Octet Interview with Octet CEO, Clive Isenberg
    Oct 14, 2019

    In September, Octet announced that Bank of Queensland partnered with Octet on supply chain financing. As part of this relationship, Bank of Queensland will be providing a funding warehouse to Octet. The Octet-Bank of Queensland partnership is the first time Octet has aligned with a traditional lender in the business finance market. The deal sets a new standard for collaboration between the fintech and mainstream banking sectors.