Field Exam Level 2

Field Exam Level Two is an advanced level course targeted at senior Field Examiners and Managers who have been performing field exams for more than 5 years, to allow them to do better macro analysis of existing relationships and assist in the underwriting of prospective borrowers.

The course revisits the review of pledged collateral performance metrics, focusing on vertical and horizontal analyses over comparable periods. The course also focuses on the borrower's liquidity and the role the pledged assets provide in the process and seeks to eliminate those "non-performing assets" in the equation.

Finally, the Advanced course focuses on Quality of Assets and Earnings to provide an honest assessment of the borrower's liquidity. The course will teach how to create availability projections along with in-depth break even sales analyses, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ("EBITDA") and debt service coverage ratios ("DESCR")  to determine where a borrower stands financially, and its possibility of continued success or failure.

We strongly recommend completing Field Exam Level Onebefore attending this course.

See below for more information and contact with any questions.

  • sfnet-educationicon-(1) 2022 Summer Field Exam Level Two
    July 12 to 14, 2022
    The Field Examiner Level Two Workshop is a "big-picture" program conducted for field examination managers and senior examiners/auditors.



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