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During challenging times, the necessity for sound, reliable appraisals becomes more apparent. The appraisals modules will familiarize you with what every lender should know about appraisals. Special emphasis will be placed on: valuation terms and definitions, what they mean as well as what values to look for and when; equipment appraisals and proper appraisal methods to be employed as well as value tiers; how to properly appraise inventory and what to look for in such appraisals; and a lender’s perspective on appraisals, from the hiring of an appraiser, to what value tiers should concern them, to understanding the valuation results and their impact on risk.

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Introduction to Appraisals

Instructors: Carl Chrappa

Upon completion of this module, viewers will understand:
• Basic valuation terms and definitions
• Professional associations and the source of appraisal standards
• Common value concepts
• Two types of appraisal reports
• Value tiers
• Theory and application of the three Approaches to Value
   - Market
   - Cost
   - Income

The Lender’s Role in the Appraisal Process

Instructors: Mignon Winston

Upon completion of this module, viewers will understand:

  • Learn how to select and engage an appraisal firm and direct its work
  • How to manage the appraisal process
  • How to review an appraisal report
  • How to write up the appraisal results and present them to others on the deal team
  • How to incorporate appraisal issues into the loan documents and lending arrangement

Equipment Valuation and Appraisal

Instructors: Carl Chrappa

This module will cover the three Approaches to Value employed by appraisers, including key aspects of each Approach, value tiers, adjustment factors, common terms, examples, and exercises.

Inventory Appraisals

Instructors: Alex Sutton

Upon Completion of this Module attendees will have an understanding of the following:
• Basic Valuation Terms & Definitions.
• Professional Associations and Appraisal Standards as they apply to inventory appraisals
• Common Inventory Related Value Concepts
• Typical inventory Appraisal Report Contents Theory and Application of the
• Three Approaches to Value as they apply to Inventory Appraisals
• Other Inventory Specific Valuation Issues and Topics

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• Introduction to Appraisals
• The Lender’s Role in the Appraisal Process
• Equipment Valuation and Appraisal
• Inventory Appraisals

Series bundle offers a significant discount over the single session price. Cost is $0 for Members and $390 for Non-Members vs. $0-$130 for each individual course.