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Factoring is a form of alternative finance that is widely used in North America and overseas. If you are new to the industry and want to learn more about factoring at your own pace, then these modules are for you. If you have employees that need more training or a refresher in the industry, these online modules will give them the material they need to do so at their own pace in their own space. The basics offer the foundation to understanding what factoring is and the framework to learn more.

Pricing Series Bundle (includes all 6 modules)
$475 Member Price
$650 Non-Member
Price Pricing Single Module
$95 Member Price
$130 Non-Member Price

Introduction to Factoring

Instructors: Tina Capobianco, Dan Karas, Tammy Kemp

This introductory module will cover:
• A brief history of factoring
• Factoring today: Who uses it? How is it structured? Recourse vs. nonrecourse
• Key terms you need to know to understand factoring

Establishing a Client

Instructors: Tina Capobianco, Dan Karas, and Tammy Kemp

Attendees will:
• Know how to create a client, from the application process to approval
• Understand the components of the application process
• What is involved in the due diligence process
• Learn how to become secured in your new client
• Understand how to be in the secured position you need

Notifications and Verifications

Instructors: Tina Capobianco and Gen Merritt-Parikh

Notification and verification are the two of the three legs of the factoring stool and are critical for a factor’s success. Notification can take a number of different forms, all of which will be explored in this module. Instructors will also guide views through the process of verification, which can reduce the probability of fraud and reduce loss given default.


available Nov. 1, 2021


Client Defaults and Workouts

available Nov. 1, 2021


Customer Service

available Nov. 1, 2021


Bundle: Get the Full Series

Purchase all 6 modules in the SFNet Factoring Series:

• Introduction to Factoring
• Establishing a Client
• Notifications and Verifications
• Collections– available Nov. 1, 2021
• Customer Service– available Nov. 1, 2021
• Client Defaults and Workouts– available Nov. 1, 2021

Series bundle offers a significant discount over the single session price. Cost is $475 for Members and $650 for Non-Members vs. $95-$130 for each individual course. If you purchase the bundle before Nov. 1, you will be notified when modules 4-6 become available.