Iron Horse Credit Provides a $4 Million Inventory Line of Credit to a Fleet Parts Manufacturer

January 16, 2024

Source: Iron Horse Credit LLC

Iron Horse Credit (“IHC”), a leading inventory lender, is pleased to announce the closing of a $4,000,000 stand-alone inventory revolving line of credit to a fleet parts manufacturer, sister company to a forging manufacturer currently being financed by IHC.

Given the lending relationship with its sister company, IHC was able to provide additional working capital after paying off the incumbent lender who was restricting their availability. With IHC’s tailored financing structure, the company will be able to focus on its growth.

“We are happy to provide a more competitive financing solution to this company.  We also expect to continue to help the parent company on future acquisitions.” 

About Iron Horse Credit

Iron Horse Credit LLC is a stand-alone inventory lender providing tailored revolving lines of credit to companies selling B2B and D2C. Our facilities start at $1MM and are backed only by inventory located in the US, in-transit to the US and Canada. Iron Horse prides itself in partnering with A/R Lenders and Factoring companies to provide their clients with additional liquidity backed by inventory in combination with their current facility without any AR-to-inventory ratio restrictions.

For more information about our stand-alone inventory program, you may contact us at 201-696-9011 or