Matthew Gillman

CEO, SMB Compass

Matthew founded SMB Compass to provide creative financing solutions to lower middle market companies. Matthew's background spans SBA lending, factoring, equipment financing, and both asset-based and cashflow lending. Matthew is a member of the Secured Finance Network, International Factoring Association, Turnaround Management Association, and the Association for Corporate Growth in New York. Matthew graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington with a BA in Management. On his free time he enjoys surfing, fishing, skiing, and spending time with family.

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?

Surfing. I grew up going to the beach before and after school, but when the waves were good, I found myself at the beach during school!

Vacation spots you recommend? 

One of my favorite vacation spots is Cape Town, South Africa. You can do anything there. Beaches, hiking, wildlife, museums, wineries, great food, and of course, cage diving!

Most interesting company you have worked with?

Newtek Business Services. What's so unique about the company is the wide range of products they offer. I was able to build a foundation in multiple business services, not just SBA Lending. To this day it's given me the ability to relate to business owners on multiple levels.

Favorite dish to cook?

Eggs. I love making breakfast food!

Seen any good concerts or entertainment events lately?

I recently saw Paul McCartney at Lambeau Field.

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