Gateway Trade Funding Provides a $2,500,000 Purchase Order Facility to an Apparel Importer

February 21, 2024

Source: Gateway Trade Funding

An apparel company found itself in need of importing merchandise from China ahead of a substantial seasonal demand. With the looming Chinese New Year, they encountered both financial and time-related pressures. To expedite the process, a factoring company recommended Gateway Trade Funding as a solution.

Gateway quickly and efficiently provided a $2,500,000 purchase order facility, enabling the company to acquire the necessary merchandise well in advance of the Chinese New Year and their peak seasonal demand.

“It is incredible to have such great collaborations with exceptional factoring firms like we did on this deal, which afford us the chance to contribute to the growth of remarkable companies like this one," commented Tom Novembrino, Principal, Gateway Trade Funding. 

About Gateway Trade Funding 
Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory.