Tracy Groves

Chief Marketing Officer, eCapital Corp.

Tracy is the chief marketing officer for eCapital. In this role she leads the development and execution of corporate and divisional marketing and communications activities across all operating business units. 

Working with a team of communications professionals and external specialists, Tracy ensures that the key messages articulated through our mission, vision and values are brought to life in a unique and relevant “eCapital way.” Blending data and current technologies with innovative thinking, Tracy guides her team with clarity of purpose to elevate the company brand. Ensuring eCapital’s voice is authentic, she pushes for honest representation of the brand to resonate across all marketing channels. A strong believer in “we are stronger together,” she encourages collaborative team effort in all tasks. Tracy’s ongoing strategies and communications leadership positions eCapital as a leading provider of alternative lending solutions. 

Tracy is a results-driven practitioner with 25 years of marketing expertise. Prior to joining eCapital in 2013, Tracy led the marketing programs team at Sage, a global computer software company. Tracy holds a degree in marketing from Capilano University. 

What advice would you offer to women just starting out in the industry? 

Trust yourself; you’re smarter than you think. Establish a strong work ethic and work hard; this is what will really separate you from the pack. Early on in your career, it’s important to give your boss what they ask for – and then a little more! Follow this through by doing what you say you’re going to do. You’d be surprised how much this will make you stand out. 

Above all, build strong relationships and surround yourself with good people. Relationships are key to a successful career and collaboration is powerful. Keep learning – from self-education, from others and most importantly from a mentor. If you set goals and take steps every day to make them happen, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Least? 

What I love best is seeing the impact that our services have on our clients’ successes and that what we do truly makes a difference. We hear from clients all the time about how they couldn’t have done it without our support. They feel like we are an extension of their team. Our financial support and guidance are critical to these businesses; their success is our success. 

What effect, if any, has working remotely had on your career and/or your industry? What have been the challenges and how have you worked to overcome them?  

I would never have guessed that working remotely would have such a positive impact on my teams. As a very tech-driven company, we were fortunate to have the infrastructure in place before the pandemic which enabled us to transition 400+ employees to remote working seamlessly. I have team members all over the U.S. and Canada and, in a way, everyone being remote brought us closer together. We quickly adapted to new environments (kids and dogs included) and video calls have become the norm. This style of working has enhanced our ability to collaborate and enabled our employees to support the needs of their families in these unprecedented and demanding times.

What do you think work will look like in the post-pandemic world? 

I don’t think remote work at the scale we have been subjected to over the past year will become the new norm, but I do believe it will survive as a new standard. Some markets are dependent on mobility and communion such as service industries, live entertainment, sports and many more. For these industries, social distancing and remote work can’t end soon enough. For others, the benefits of remote work are too valuable to do away with completely. Our business has grown substantially in a very short time — enlarging our work force with skilled and talented people is no longer complicated by limiting the pool of candidates to local personnel. Instead, we now have the ability to tap into highly specialized talent, no matter where they are physically located. This is a tremendous advantage as eCapital continues to grow the organization to meet customer demand.




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