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A solid legal foundation minimizes your exposure in secured transactions. SFNet’s self-paced legal modules help you make better, more informed business decisions. By exploring the latest legal concepts, documentation, and pitfalls to avoid in secured lending, you’ll understand the risks and mitigants necessary to ensure your success.

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Introduction to the Loan Agreement

Instructors: Lee Podair, Arielle Strauss

In this module, the instructors will walk viewers through the structure of a typical Loan and Security Agreement for an asset-based loan transaction.

Topics covered:
• Definitions
• Agreement to Lend
• Description of Credit Facilities
• Pricing
• Loan Administration
• Term and Termination
• Conditions Precedent
• Security Interests
• Representations and Warranties
• Affirmative, Negative and Financial Covenants
• Events of Default
• Remedies on Default
• Miscellaneous Provisions

Driving Through a Closing Checklist

Instructors: Lee Podair, Sarah Gilbert

In this module, the instructors will walk viewers through what a lender should know about ancillary documents for a secured loan transaction, including:
• Promissory notes
• Guaranties
• Agreements with other creditors of the borrower (subordination and intercreditor agreements)
• Landlord’s Agreements and other Collateral Access Agreements
• Insurance documents


Lender Liability

Instructors: Marshall Stoddard

This module will explore lender liability—where a lender has been determined to have violated those duties and has been sanctioned, owes damages, or otherwise comes out of pocket as a result of its actions.


Multi-Lender Transactions

Instructors: Marshall Stoddard

Attendees will:
• Know the significant legal differences between a co-lending arrangement and a participation
• Understand the legal concept of agency and its implications in the co-lending arrangement
• Be familiar with the structure and language of a typical credit agreement dealing with the relationship between the co-lenders and the agent and among the co-lenders
• Be aware of the issues most negotiated in co-lender transactions and have a strategy for approaching negotiation of those issues
• Have a strategy for efficiently reviewing and evaluating loan documents for a transaction in which a lending institution is considering becoming a co-lender
• Be familiar with the structure of a typical participation agreement


Creating and Perfecting a Security Interest

Instructors: Ariele Strauss and Sarah Gilbert

Instructors will guide viewers through the process of creating and perfecting security interests in personal property, including:
• Basic elements of a security interest
• Methods of Perfection
• Timing and Priority


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• Introduction to the Loan Agreement
• Driving Through a Closing Checklist
• Lender Liability
• Multi-Lender Transactions
• Creating and Perfecting a Security Interest

Series bundle offers a significant discount over the single session price. Cost is $0 for Members and $650 for Non-Members vs. $0-$130 for each individual course.