Daniel Belue

Director, Dopkins ABL Consulting Service

As director of Dopkins ABL Consulting Service, Dan Belue is a leader in the firm’s efforts to monitor client relationships, staff coaching and training, as well as implementation and maintenance of Dopkins programs with the ultimate goal of delivering high-quality field examinations. A seasoned ABL professional diligently working on behalf of his clients, Dan routinely identifies areas of collateral weakness, including the deterioration of loan collateral, the adequacy of advance rates and provided appropriate recommendation for facilities in excess of $250MM. 

Dan remains on the forefront of providing innovative solutions for clients.  He leads the firm’s initiative in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) collateral exams, a rapidly growing service in ABL as result of the boom in the Software as a Service (“SaaS”) sector. In addition, he has prepared an internal exam file that specifically addresses the MRR collateral structure and highlights any potential collateral risk related to the MRR. 

Dan joined Dopkins after completing his Bachelor of business administration from Niagara University in 2006, and currently resides in St. Augustine, FL.

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