Leumi Business Credit, a division of Bank Leumi USA

579 Fifth Avenue, 7th FL
New York, NY 10017
United States

Work: 917.542.2343

Company Employee Directory

40 Members

Suhail Ahmed
Vice President
Octavian Anton
Vice President
Mark Aronin
First Vice President
Yoav Ben Tov
Vice President, CO
Keith Bernard
Vice president
Sol W. Bernstein
Associate General Counsel and First Vice President
Catherine Burke
Vice President
Iesha Campbell
Vice President, CO
Burak Canseverler
Vice President, CO
John Chato
Credit Manager
Marcelo Choi
Assistant General Counsel - VP
Alan Couzins
Operations Director
Daniel Csillag
Group Head, Healthcare
Tatiyana Cure
Talent Acquistion
James Anthony D'Amato
VP-Credit Officer
Fran Davis
Relationship Manager
Kurt Duerfeldt
Chief Regional Credit Officer
Dante Guarneri
Associate Relationship Manager
Shelly Kariti
Vice President
Armen Karozichian
Chief Credit Officer
Lindy Kin
Assistant Vice President
John P. McGann
Exec. Vice Pres.
Douglas J. Meyer
Senior Vice President
Klaudio Nikolla
Vice President
Omri Offer
Vice President, Chief Regional CO
Stephanie Oliveri
Assistant Vice President
Alec Paniagua
Vice President, CO
Mike Patten
Vice President, CO
Bob Richards
Regional Sales Director
Eitan Sapir
Head of International and Tech Banking
Jason Schumacher
Vice President
David Thurber
Vice President, CEO
Paul Tine
First Vice President
Russell Turley
Business Development Director
Aaron Vagelatos
First Vice President, CRCO
Scott Young
Vice President, CO
Husani Zaini
Vice President
Liliya Ziano
Relationship Executive

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