SG Credit Partners Provides $1.5 Million Refinance for SaaS Company

December 3, 2019

Source: SG Credit Partners

The Company: Venture-backed SaaS platform for digital publishing.  Revenue: $6MM | Equity Raised: $30MM.

The Financing Situation: The Company’s existing debt facility was maturing and the incumbent lender was unwilling to extend due to lender fatigue and other circumstances. SG was brought in alongside an equity contribution to refinance the debt and provide additional working capital.

The Solution: SG was able to quickly get comfortable with the business due to the contracted recurring revenue, continued equity support, and opening liquidity. SG provided a $1.5MM non-formula, structured senior secured loan. The incumbent lender successfully exited the credit as desired and the Company received additional working capital. SG closed this transaction within two weeks.         

About Us:

SG Credit Partners (formerly known as Super G Capital) provides $1 to $10 million structured debt solutions to lower middle market businesses across the country in need of financing for working capital, growth capital, acquisition capital, or special situations. We lend up to $10 million per transaction in the form of a structured term loan (6-36 month term) with flexible repayment, typically as a subordinated (second lien) lender and in certain cases as a senior lender to companies that need financing to become bankable. Headquartered in Southern California, the SG Credit Partners team has provided in excess of $250 million to 150+ borrowers across a variety of industries.