Bibby Financial Services Canada Announces Deals

October 16, 2019

Source: Bibby Financial Services Canada

Bibby Financial Services Canada Supports Quebec Apparel Company with $1.8M in Funding

Bibby Financial Services (BFS) provided $1.8M in funding to an apparel company based in Quebec that designs and provides quality jean-wear products at accessible pricing. Originally, the company was a supplier to general retailers, but when private retail began slowing down, the company focused on larger chains. Recently, the company was qualified by a retail giant that will triple their growth, and consequently, require additional funding. The BFS factoring line will double the business’ borrowing capacity and allow them to clear goods faster to meet their delivery commitments and reach their growth potential.

Bibby Financial Services Canada Extends $250K in Funding to Quebec Staffing Company

Bibby Financial Services (BFS) extended $250K to a Quebec business that specializes in medical staffing for nursing homes. As a startup incorporated in July 2019, the company was looking for financing to support their day to day operations and growth and factoring seemed to be the best fit as it allows for flexibility in the cash flow as the business grows and recruits more medical professionals. Prompt response and quick funding from BFS won the client over.

In addition to these deals, Bibby Financial Services US extended $225K to transportation clients in September 2019.

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