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Company Employee Directory

113 Members

Ulos Anderson
Managing Director, Commercial & Industrial
Kim Angeli
Director, Human Resources
James Avallone
Principle, Real Estate
Erick Beaudoin
Director Valuations
Carrie D Bitter
Dennis A. Bolton
Managing Director
Marcos Brandt
Scott Breier
Director, Valuations
Dan Brodie
Senior Appraiser
James Brodie
Senior Manager, Valuations
Catherine Brzycki
Content Strategist Manager and Writer
Craig Cappalli
Director, Valuations
Chris Carmosino
President, Valuations
Josh Chivers
Mitchell Cohen
Senior Managing Director
Angus Collett
Chief Financial Officer, International
Cameron E. Cook
Managing Director, Business Valuation and Intangible Asset Appraisals
William Corwin
Director, Valuations
Lee Cote
Sr. Managing Director, Retail
Rose Coyman
Director, Consumer Products Inventory
Kevin P Creedon
Research Manager
Padmini Dhulipala
Director, Information Technology
Patrick Domingo
Senior Manager, Valuations
Mark Dufton
Senior Advisor
Richard Edwards
Co-President/Retail Division
Wendy Eng
Managing Director
Charles N. Falkner
Senior Manager Valuations
Kenneth S. Frieze
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Frieze
Chairman & Chief Investment Officer
Scott Fuller
Director, Valuations
Jerome Galaszewski
Managing Director, Machinery & Equipment Valuations
Olaf Galler
Managing Director, Retail
Francis Garvin
Director, Business Development
Cindi Giglio
Associate General Counsel
Katerina Gilbert
Senior Manager
Rebecca Goldfarb
Managing Director
Ann Gordon
Creative Director, Brands
Robert Gould
Senior Manager
Frank Grimaldi
Sr. Managing Director, Nat'l Sales Manager
Michael Guelfo
Director, Commercial & Industrial
Kreg Guran
Senior Manager
Mike Hamann
Senior Manager, Valuations
Jordan A. Henrich
Business Development, Western Region
Robert Himmel
Senior Managing Director
Andrew Hogan
Research Analyst
Steven Holstein
Head of Business Development
Kristy Holvick
Director, Finance
Brooke Horn
Director, Real Estate
Jake Jaeger
Jason Jones
Senior Appraiser, Energy Valuations
Mosana Khan
Business Development Manager
Rafael Klotz
Sr. Managing Director, International
Ai Koenig
Kevin Kulinowski
Strategic Resource
Conrad Lauten
Director, Business Development
Tom Lonabocker
Senior Managing Director, Retail
Malcolm MacAulay
Senior Advisor
Christopher Magill
Director, Valuations
Robert Maroney
President, Commercial & Industrial
Joseph M. McLeish
Managing Director, Retail
Patrick Millar
Senior Manager, Valuations
Steven Morin
Financial Analyst
Frank Morton
Chief Commercial Officer, International
Samuel Myhre
Mlungisi Ndwandwe
Director, International Strategy
Evren Ozargun
Managing Director
Tricia Parent
Sr. Managing Director
Thomas Pedulla
President, Real Estate
Jennifer Petracca
Content Analyst
Lindsay Piccola
Executive Assistant
Josh Podell
Consultant, Real Estate
Kimberley Quirk
Sales Specialist
Tim Randall
Senior Manager, Valuations
Lisa Rawlings
Director, Valuations
Ryan J. Ray
Director, Business Development
Scott Ribeiro
Director, Valuations
David Rooney
Liz Sarhaddi-Blue
Managing Director-Retail Marketing & Business Development
Laurence Sax
Chief Operating Officer
Sam Schackman
Director, Valuations
Nimit Shah
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Malcolm Sherman
Chairman of the Board
Tim Shilling
Managing Director, Retail
Kyle C. Shonak
Managing Director, Retail
Paul Smith
Senior Appraiser, Technology Valuations
Karin Spychalski
Director, Human Resources
Tim Stewart
Managing Director, Australia
Andy Stone
Managing Director, Retail
Alexander Sutton
Managing Director, Industrial Valuations
Kenji Tanaka
Chief Executive Officer - Gordon Brothers Japan
Brad Tarnutzer
Senior Appraiser, Technology Valuations
Heather Toland
Nicole Trice
Marketing Manager
Gerhard Van Der Vorst
Managing Director, Head of Spain & Portugal
LoriAnn Diana Vogel
Sales Specialist, Valuations
Aaron Walton
Managing Director, Western Regional Sales Manager
Neal Weekes
Director, Industrial
Rick Wilichowski
Managing Director, Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Mark Winger
Senior Manager, Valuations
Cem Yaslak
Director, Investments
Sondra Yee
Managing Director, Retail
Leslie Zmugg
General Counsel
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