SFNet 76th Annual Keynote Speakers



With over 30 panels, we are providing more content than ever before at our annual convention. Our agenda features a robust line up of sessions that delve into the most pressing issues facing our industry today. Top industry leaders will be exploring topics including international lending, healthcare financing, diversity and inclusion, business development, bank and non-bank ABL, risk management, new “norms” in the workplace, capital markets, advocacy and regulatory changes, supply chain disruption, asset valuations, fintech, and so much more. By pivoting to a virtual conference, we have an opportunity to deliver a broader array of content focused on a multitude of career levels and specialties. We hope you are as excited as we are about the diversity in this year’s program.


All Panel Topics

Featured Panels

Appraisals & Liquidations Across Assets Classes – What Has Changed?      

How are asset values holding up with different type of inventory and machinery and equipment. How are historic databases being used in valuations? How do borrowers mitigate risks in the future? What other assets should borrowers pay attention to? 


View From the Top – Lessons Learned & Looking Ahead – Large Banks         

Bank CEOs tackle questions on human resources, operations, portfolio management, credit mindset, growth opportunities and mitigating risks. 


Structuring & Underwriting Deals in the New Normal     

Examining the impacts of financial forecasting and applying sensitivity analyses. Using the 13 week cash flow vs. traditional projections. Examining all assets for value. 


View From the Top – Lessons Learned & Looking Ahead – Factoring        

Taking a deeper dive into Accounts Receivable financing with respect to customers, collections, aging, charge-offs, and ineligibles. What is the role of credit insurance? How are customers adapting? Is PO financing helping factors?


Workouts & Bankruptcies – What Is the New Normal?       

How has the pandemic changed how we all deal with workouts? How to prepare for a workout? Productive/effective methods and the difference in workouts between small, mid-sized and large companies. Considering other alternatives when a consensual workout isn't working?


Diversity – A Strategic Imperative     

Whether in hiring practices, the determination of strategy, the allocation of resources, or the goal of serving the community with authenticity – leadership on diversity, inclusion, and equity matters. 


Advocacy & Regulation Changes – What Does the Future Look Like?

PPP & MSLP – How did it work? Regulatory changes: discuss changes they have made or are making because of the impact of COVID on businesses and how these changes affect the secured lending market.



Market Pulse Report Update 

What the latest economic and industry data tell us about the economy and the state of our industry, with Dr. Robert Wescott.


The Workplace of Today & Beyond   

How is the workplace changing due to the “new normal?" What has worked and what hasn't? Is it temporary or permanent? How is business travel changing?


Capital Markets – How Are They Functioning and Changing?

Raising money for a fund – trends in new credit groups and structures. Capital raising and what's happening from the capital market perspective. Leverage Lending - where is the marketing heading? The M&A market - what companies are being sold and at what valuations?


View From the Top – Lessons Learned & Looking Ahead - Independent ABL 

Independent CEOs tackle questions on fundraising, leverage market, deal structure, growth opportunities and mitigating risk while showing returns. 


The Evolving World of Retail Lending           

What does retail and the vendor community look like post-Covid? What are the new risks in lending to this industry? Do valuations on inventory hold up in today's environment?


Additional Panels

Virtual Development – The New Face of Business Development       

As potential clients move through the new business funnel, different virtual techniques become more or less relevant. A discussion of best ideas around business development in the virtual world. 


Liens – A Dynamic Environment         

How certain kinds of liens are created by federal or state law and can automatically come before a secured lender’s blanket liens. Eg., PACA, landlords, contractors, etc. How has the MSLP affected liens? What hidden liens exist?

Private Debt/Credit – What Is the State of the Market?    

A look at where the market is today in private credit and where it's heading. 


Bank Regulations & Compliance Issues     

Discuss changes they have made or are making because of the impact of COVID on businesses and how those changed affect the secured lending market. Discussion on Cyber security, FCPA, BSA compliance.


Portfolio Management & Fraud Detection/Prevention        

How is operating in today's environment different then in the past with respect to portfolio review, reliance on third party providers (i.e. appraisals, field exams, background checks, etc.), and technology. How can you mitigate risk?


Virtual Due Diligence – How to Use Appraisals & Field Exams Effectively

The due diligence process is complex and highly structured. If diligence isn’t conducted properly, it can cause an enormous amount of risk and stress for everyone involved. Discussion of best practices around conducting due diligence virtually. 


How Is Technology Changing Our Industry

Tech changes are happening FAST. What will technology look like in 5-10 years? How will it change the financial services industry (i.e. staffing, ops, credit, sales)? AI, big data, automation – develop internally or outsource?


What Can We Learn From the FinTech Revolution?

Automation – Groups like Fincura and Ocrolus have helped in digitizing/streamlining some of the data collection process. Many ABLs are starting to create digital platforms for their customers. Internally develop software vs. outsource? How to rate rate in the future of lending timing expectations?

Leadership Through Risky Periods – Lessons Learned From NASA    

A conversation with Norman Knight, Deputy Director, Flight Operations at NASA, about the risks of going back to the moon.


The New Balancing Act – Managing Family & Career

Conflict between work and family life is one of the most common sources of stress for working adults. How the stay-at-home environment has added another layer of stress. 


A Conversation with the Titans – Career Development

A career path is a sequence of jobs that leads to your short- and long-term career goals. 40 Under 40 Awards winners ask career questions to a panelist of industry titans. 


Healthcare Lending – Opportunities & Risks 

How do successful healthcare lenders manage their business, from underwriting through portfolio management to recovery.


Lending in Mexico – What You Need to Know

The nuances and risks associated with lending into Mexico.


Report of General Counsel    

An overview of legal issues in commercial lending and restructurings. Loan documents - amendments, waivers, and covenants.


Confronting Industry Legal Issues: A Business Person's Perspective in a Bad Economy         

Best practices in mitigating risk through legal documentation. 


What Does Private Equity Investing Look For Today? 

Private equity panel discusses the state of the industry and future opportunities/risks.


Disruption in Supply Chains & Mitigating Risk

What is the current status of supply chains today? How are customers responding? What are the contingency plans? How have customers and vendors pivoted to new supply chains? What are the risks?