SFNet Connect: Our Virtual Event Experience

SFNet Connect: Virtual Networking Works

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Online events are just Like a Zoom or GoTo Meeting

This might be the case for some virtual events, but SFNet’s 77th Annual Convention will be utilizing our SFNet Connect virtual platform. The technology is much more interactive and leverages artificial intelligence to match users based on profile data and interests. Check out our video demo to see how it works.


You can’t network or do deals online

This couldn’t be further from the truth! With SFNet Connect, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with other conference attendees. In fact, the online platform may actually make it easier to set up meetings ahead of the conference date with individuals you want to get together with. You have visibility to all registered attendees as well as speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Chat in real time, hold one-on-one meetings or break out into small private groups, all from within the platform. 


You can’t bump into people and say “hi” at a virtual conference

With SFNet Connect, there are networking rooms you can visit in between sessions. Pop into a room, see who is in there and strike up a conversation, just like you would in a live convention hall. Need more time or privacy? Easily schedule a meeting with someone for a later time, break off for a private one-on-one chat or move into a private room for a small group conversation.


You also have visibility to other attendees and speakers within sessions:




Simply click on an attendee’s name to view their profile and “ping” them for a quick meeting.


So when someone asks “can you network at an online event?” The answer is “absolutely!”


"...one of the best networking events I’ve participated in."

"I had the opportunity to attend and moderate a panel at SFNet's Women in Secured Finance Conference and this was one of the best networking events I’ve participated in. Using the SFNet event platform I was easily able to identify attendees to connect with and seamlessly reach out to set up virtual meetings through email or LinkedIn.  Because of this intimate and comfortable setting I was able to make meaningful connections and continue to speak regularly with some of these attendees."


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— Brooke Horn  |  Gordon Brothers



“I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and found virtual attendance so much more efficient than remote site. I would definitely attend another conference you put on.” WISF attendee

“I enjoyed the format, presentations and topics. It was wonderful connecting and I enjoyed the poll format. Overall, I had a great experience. Thank you!” WISF attendee

“I enjoyed the presentations and made some great connections.” WISF attendee

“Overall, I enjoyed the summit and thought I made some good connections. It was worth the cost. “ YoPro Leadership Summit attendee

“I really enjoyed the event. I had some great key takeaways, enjoyed the virtual experience, and was able to do some networking.” YoPro Leadership Summit attendee