Reopening the Middle Market: Part Two of an RSM Special Report

January 13, 2021

Source: RSM

As the pandemic passed the sixth-month mark in the United States, middle market companies were adapting to continued economic disruption by leveraging technology in new ways for both employees and customers and implementing or considering permanent remote work in some cases, proprietary research from RSM US LLP found.

Nearly half of middle market companies responded to the pandemic by implementing technology in ways they hadn’t before, according to the fourth-quarter RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey, which received responses from just over 400 senior executives between Oct. 5 and Oct. 23 on questions related to the pandemic and the economy. (The survey data informed this second part of RSM's special report on reopening the middle market, the first part of which published in October 2020.)

Part two of the RSM US Middle Market Business Index special report on reopening the middle market provides insights into various ways middle market organizations have adapted during the pandemic, including:

•           Making remote work a permanent option for some employees

•           Implementing technology in new ways

•           Rethinking the role of physical offices or other work spaces

•           Enhancing information technology security

•           Identifying new ways to retain and attract employees

Read the full report here to learn more.


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