SFNet CEO Discusses Plans for New Year

January 7, 2021

Source: Secured Finance Network

As we come off a year which, in response to the pandemic, was the most interactive with our members in SFNet’s history, and notwithstanding the tumult we have experienced including yesterday’s deeply disturbing events in Washington DC, we are more determined than ever to fulfill our mission of putting capital to work and eager to share our plans to do so in 2021. In consideration of the environment, we continue to shift toward a more accessible and inclusive engagement model; one that offers more frequent and on-demand opportunities for relationship building, accessing information, professional development and expressing our voice in legislative and regulatory matters than ever before.

Building on our most-attended and highest-rated Convention ever, we will continue to stage live online events utilizing our acclaimed SFNet Connect platform. This medium facilitates spontaneous and productive one-on-one and small-group meetings while providing a venue for highly regarded speakers, case studies and interactive panels of value to our communities. Upcoming meetings leveraging this format include our annual Asset Based Capital Conference in March and International Lending Conference in May.

In response to our members’ desire for greater connectivity, we are pleased to announce the introduction of new interactive SFNet Forums, whereby professionals with common interests such as legal, credit, business development, operations and technology, past 40 Under 40 Award winners and independent factors, will meet regularly in facilitated informal roundtables to discuss pressing issues and opportunities in their respective disciplines. We’re also establishing through our Foundation a recurring SFNet Hall of Fame/Past Presidents Mentoring Forum for young professionals to learn from icons in our industry.

We will continue to offer our Crucial Conversations webinars on timely topics, beginning this month, by unpacking the new “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021” and its implications to our community.  Building on the successful Workouts and Bankruptcy series we introduced last year, we will be introducing a series of On-Demand education programs including subject matter for legal professionals to earn valuable CLE credits. Even our Guest Lecture Program to benefit aspiring, but disadvantaged, college students interested in pursuing a career in secured finance has gone virtual.

As the year progresses, and it becomes safe to meet again in person, we will begin to reintroduce destination events coupled with online elements so that everyone can participate in the manner most suited to their needs.

These are extraordinary times and SFNet and our community continue to lead the way forward. To further shape our agenda for the coming year, SFNet will be conducting our annual member survey this week.  Look for an email from me with a link to provide your feedback. Your responses are anonymous and for every completed survey (which should take just 10 minutes) the Secured Finance Foundation will make a contribution to its Guest Lecture Scholarship Program.

Thanks for everything you do for our thriving and vital community to make an impact in the coming year.

Warmest regards,

Rich Gumbrecht

CEO, Secured Finance Network





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