Tetra Capital Was Named One of the Best Trucking Factoring Companies For the Third Time by FactoringClub

January 6, 2021

Source: Tetra Capital

Tetra Capital, a Utah-based finance company providing factoring services for trucking companies, has been named one of the best trucking factoring companies by FactoringClub, for the third time. Over 100 factoring companies were evaluated for the awards, and winners were selected based on contract terms, integrity, quality of service, and proven track record.

Jeremy Robison, President of Tetra Capital, commented, "We could not ask for more than to be recognized for the third year by FactoringClub as one of the best trucking factoring companies based on or our customer-friendly terms, client-first focus, reliability, and experience. This is the second award we have won so far in 2021, naming us one of the best trucking factoring companies. The awards exemplify our team's dedication to partnering with trucking companies and owner-operators to help them grow their business with easy and transparent factoring services."

"FactoringClub has chosen Tetra Capital as one of the best trucking factoring companies of 2021 because they continually stand out from other trucking factoring companies. Our research has proven they offer excellent terms for their factoring services, provide exceptional customer service, and have the utmost integrity," stated Rick Hultz, Owner of FactoringClub.com.

You can access the full list of award recipients at https://factoringclub.com/best-trucking-factoring-companies/.

About Tetra Capital 

Tetra Capital assists transportation companies with their cash flow needs by providing invoice factoring and freight bill factoring services. Tetra Capital has extensive experience providing factoring services to transportation companies of all types and sizes. We understand that not ALL businesses are created equal. Each business is unique and has different needs and objectives. One size does not fit all! Visit www.tetracapital.com for more information.