TSL Express Secured Finance Deal Table

The TSL Express Deal Table provides detailed ABL, Factoring and other senior secured transaction information. Deals are sourced from SFNet member lenders, as well as transaction participants and news wire services. Each deal includes a detailed transaction news summary page providing available information including deal terms, structure, interest rates, contact information and more. You can export the deals via the download button below, the maximum row export is 1300 deals, you can narrow your search by date(s) and continue to export if you would like more than 1300 deals. For ease of access, here are ALL the deals from 2020-2023, you can download the 2024 deals using the search below. To be listed please send your deals to tslexpress@sfnet.com.

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Date Lender/Participant Type Amount Borrower Industry Structure
5/28/2024 Comvest Credit Partners, Administrative Agent, Sole Lender Non-bank $70.0M Nationwide Energy Partners, a provider of utility management services to the multifamily market, Ohio Energy Senior Secured Credit Facility
7/5/2023 Frost Bank, Issuing Bank, Sole Lender Bank $35.0M Epsilon Energy Ltd. Energy Senior Secured Reserve-Based Revolving Credit Facility
6/20/2023 White Oak ABL, Sole Lender Non-bank $40.0M Invacare Holdings Corporation Manufacturing ABL Credit Facility
1/1/2020 Fifth Third Business Capital, Sole Lender Bank $8.0M Troy Lee Designs, LLC, a designer and distributor of high-quality helmets, apparel, safety gear and accessories used in the off-road motorcycling and mountain biking industries, Corona, CA Retail Senior credit facility
11/1/2019 Monroe Capital, Sole Lender Non-bank $50.0M KushCo Holdings, Inc., Garden Grove, CA Cannabis Senior secured revolving credit facility
11/1/2019 Fifth Third Business Capital, Sole Lender Bank $9.5M Ross Technology, Leola, PA Transportation Senior credit facility