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SFNet and Barry Bobrow have partnered to produce a series of video and audio podcasts focused on important trends and developments in secured lending. The In the Know podcasts will be a series of conversations with compelling thought leaders on important topics impacting the finance and secured lending markets. These brief and engaging discussions will give you information and perspectives critical to being more successful in your businesses by keeping you In The Know.

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Episode 11  │  March 20, 2023

Cryptocurrency Regulation-A Firsthand Look Behind the Curtain

In this episode, guest host Jennifer Palmer engages in a detailed discussion with Quinn Emanuel partner Katie Lemire, who previously oversaw enforcement and consumer protection at the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).  Katie breaks down for listeners the role of the NYDFS and provides a rare firsthand account into its regulation of cryptocurrency.  Katie then summarizes the recent NYDFS enforcement action against Robinhood.  Finally, Katie provides two very basic reminders that can protect listeners from cybersecurity issues.

Episode 10  │  November 23, 2022

On the Sidelines with Trevor Williams 

For this episode, host Barry Bobrow is in discussion with Trevor Williams on the sidelines of the SFNet 78th Annual Convention, November 2022 in Austin, Texas. Trevor is the former chief economist of Lloyds and currently has his own consultancy advising corporations and financial institutions on global economic issues. They cover the world in this conversation discussion, from China to Europe to the United States. Trevor’s unique perspective is both informative and optimistic – you won’t want to miss it. 

Previous Episodes

Episode 1 | July 1, 2022
State of the Direct Lending Market with Guest Randy Schwimmer

Our Host, Barry Bobrow, explores the current state of the direct lending market and how it is benefiting from the disruptions of the broadly syndicated debt markets, with his guest Randy Schwimmer, founder of the Lead Left (where any friend of Barry's will get free access). Click the play button below to start the episode.


Episode 2 | July 26, 2022
Retailing at a Crossroads (As Usual)

In this episode, host Barry Bobrow is in discussion with David Silverman, Senior Director at Fitch Ratings, on how rapidly retailing is changing in response to a variety of factors, including alterations in consumer behavior due to concerns over inflation and the potential for a recession, and continuing supply chain and labor issues. The consequences of all these factors have led to wide volatility in financial performance and ratings for retailers, turnover in the C-Suite and rapidly evolving business strategies. Barry and David also discuss the inventory issues facing many retailers and how he anticipates they will be addressed.


Episode 3 | August 10, 2022
Second Quarter 2022 ABL and Leveraged Debt Market Update

In this podcast Maria Dikeos of Refinitiv joins host Barry Bobrow for a discussion of the Q2 and first half of 2022 leveraged debt and asset-based markets. After a record 2021 for syndicated asset-based lending volumes, it would have been reasonable to expect the market to fall off, as it has for all other credit markets in 2022. As you will hear, that is definitely not the case, with asset-based volume having a record six-month level. Maria and Barry make extensive use of data slides for their discussion.

To download the slide deck click here


Episode 4  │  August 24, 2022
It Can Always Be Worse

For this fascinating discussion, host Barry Bobrow is joined by David Chmiel, Managing Director of Global Torchlight, a UK-based geopolitical risk consulting business. David’s unique perspective is on full display in the conversation, which moves from recent developments in Taiwan and China to Ukraine war-related issues and finishes with the ongoing UK leadership succession process. David and Barry go over the current political issues and connect them to potential economic and business impacts in the U.S. and elsewhere.


Episode 5  │  August 26, 2022
Barry and Valerie's US Open Tennis Extravaganza

This podcast has nothing to do with business or markets. Most people who know Barry understand that his passion for asset-based lending is surpassed only by his passion for tennis. In honor of the US Open Tennis tournament that starts August 29, 2022, he has recorded a special edition of SFNet presents In the Know with his good friend and fellow tennis wonk – Valerie Mason of Otterbourg. It’s a great preview of the final Grand Slam tournament of the year, and an insider’s guide to getting the most out of attending the tournament at the Billie Jean King US National Tennis Center. Not to ruin the surprise but they have a special introduction by another famous tennis tandem – the Bryan Brothers. Hope you enjoy this. Thanks to Valerie Mason for joining Barry on a great tennis journey. And thanks to Hilco Global for their sponsorship of the SFNet presents In the Know series.


Episode 6  │  September 16, 2022
The Inside Scoop on Bank Regulation from a Former OCC Senior Leader

Joining Barry for this discussion is Kathy Dick, Founder and CEO of Salt of the Earth Consulting. SOTE is a consultant on risk management and regulatory issues for financial institutions that leverages Kathy’s many years in senior roles as a regulator and as a consultant. Kathy and Barry discuss the most recent banking Stress Tests, which highlight the strength of the U.S. banking system and the emerging concerns by regulators regarding the impact of a potential economic downturn on bank capital buffers. Kathy gives her recommendations to banks for strengthening their relationships with their regulators and offers her unique perspective on the most common misperceptions that bankers and regulators have about each other.


Special Episode  │  October 14, 2022
An Inside Look at SFNet

In this special episode, Barry Bobrow talks with the CEO of the Secured Finance Network and long-time colleague, Rich Gumbrecht. This Inside Look at SFNet tells a tale of dedication through the turbulent times of recent years. With initiatives in advocacy, mentorship and career development, information resources, and a wide array of both in-person and virtual events, SFNet continues to lead through adversity. Rich talks about all that SFNet does for both its members and the secured finance industry. Barry and Rich also discuss SFNet’s upcoming 78th Annual Convention, which takes place Nov. 9-11, 2022, in Austin, TX.


Episode 7  │  October 4, 2022
Those Pesky Supply Chain Issues Are Still Here, and Keep Evolving

Barry Bobrow and Steve Tanzi, President Hilco Performance Solutions, discuss how companies can address all of the issues in their supply chains that have resulted from the pandemic and its aftermath. Steve has over 25 years of industry and consulting experience supporting companies with their transformational efforts by leveraging his knowledge of supply chain and operations. He offers great ideas for both companies and their lenders in evaluating the risks they face in their supply chains.


Episode 8  │  October 27, 2022
A Deep Dive on Building Products and Housing Markets

Every day we are reminded of the impact of inflation and rising interest rates on two industries that are heavily represented in most asset-based loan portfolios, housing and building products. To better understand current trends in these industries, host Barry Bobrow talks with Gary Michel, former Chairman and CEO of JELD-WEN Holding, Inc., a leading manufacturer of windows and doors. In addition to his work at JELD-WEN, Gary has had a long career in residential and commercial construction-related markets from his many years with Ingersoll Rand. Gary offers great insights and shares his thoughts on the next steps for these critical markets.

Episode 9  │  November 23, 2022
Leveraged Private Debt and Asset Based Loan Markets in 1-3Q2022

In this episode, Barry Bobrow engages in a detailed market talk with Maria Dikeos and CJ Doherty of Refinitiv. Armed with Q3 market data they discuss the dramatic falloff in volume in the broadly syndicated markets for loans and bonds. They also examine the equally dramatic rise in the direct lending market that has somewhat filled the gap. Then they look at the asset-based market, which was on record pace through Q3 after setting a new annual record in 2021. Finally, Barry, Maria and CJ look forward to Q4 and beyond with some predictions on market direction which will complement the latest SFNet Market Pulse Report and its 2023 outlook. This podcast makes extensive use of slides, which we recommend you download here.

About Our Host

Barry Bobrow is a widely respected thought leader in middle market leveraged finance and asset based lending.


About Our Guest Host

Jenn Palmer
Jenn Palmer is the Founder and CEO of JPalmer Collective, funding high-growth companies that do not fit the traditional lender’s criteria.


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