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SFNet and Barry Bobrow have partnered to produce a series of video and audio podcasts focused on important trends and developments in secured lending. The In the Know podcasts will be a series of conversations with compelling thought leaders on important topics impacting the finance and secured lending markets. These brief and engaging discussions will give you information and perspectives critical to being more successful in your businesses by keeping you In The Know.

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Episode 3 | August 10, 2022

Second Quarter 2022 ABL and Leveraged Debt Market Update

In this podcast Maria Dikeos of Refinitiv joins host Barry Bobrow for a discussion of the Q2 and first half of 2022 leveraged debt and asset-based markets. After a record 2021 for syndicated asset-based lending volumes, it would have been reasonable to expect the market to fall off, as it has for all other credit markets in 2022. As you will hear, that is definitely not the case, with asset-based volume having a record six-month level. Maria and Barry make extensive use of data slides for their discussion.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 1 | July 1, 2022
State of the Direct Lending Market with Guest Randy Schwimmer

Our Host, Barry Bobrow, explores the current state of the direct lending market and how it is benefiting from the disruptions of the broadly syndicated debt markets, with his guest Randy Schwimmer, founder of the Lead Left (where any friend of Barry's will get free access). Click the play button below to start the episode.


Episode 2 | July 26, 2022
Retailing at a Crossroads (As Usual)

In this episode, host Barry Bobrow is in discussion with David Silverman, Senior Director at Fitch Ratings, on how rapidly retailing is changing in response to a variety of factors, including alterations in consumer behavior due to concerns over inflation and the potential for a recession, and continuing supply chain and labor issues. The consequences of all these factors have led to wide volatility in financial performance and ratings for retailers, turnover in the C-Suite and rapidly evolving business strategies. Barry and David also discuss the inventory issues facing many retailers and how he anticipates they will be addressed.