Operations Level 2

Operations Level Two is a comprehensive three-day program covering collateral monitoring, operations management and loan administration. This workshop will help the student deepen awareness and understanding of assessing operational risks through techniques such as trend card analysis, develop deeper questioning skills to identify inconsistencies and potential fraud and increase awareness of the red flags that should be investigated further. Attending this workshop can transform the role of operations from routine to excellence in risk management. 

Course Objectives

The program will provide attendees with a more detailed and advanced understanding of...

  • The loan agreement and deeper reading of the collateral section and borrowing base (focus on borrowing base certificate)
  • The role of verifications and the process involved
  • Collateral vs. Line Reserves and the value of understanding them
  • A deeper dive into the details of trend card analysis (AR, aging, etc)
  • Treasury management understanding
  • Amortization of advance rates, sublimits, collateral


We recommend participants have 3+ years ABL experience. We recommend completing Operations Level One before attending this course. Please contact nwalls@sfnet.com with any questions.

  • sfnet-educationicon (1) 2021 Summer Operations Level Two
    June 8 - 10, 2021
    A comprehensive three-day program covering every aspect of collateral monitoring, operations management and loan administration.



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2020 Summer Operations Level Two


August 11-13, 2020
2:00-3:30 p.m. ET each day