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Leadership for Finance Professionals
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In this 2 ½ day interactive workshop, Ann M. Butera, CRP, Founder and President of The Whole Person Project, Inc., will help you understand your preferred leadership style and provide insight into successfully influencing outcomes.
Knowledge to advance your organization and career

With our new SFnet Education Focus 20/20 initiative, we're reshaping both course content and delivery to provide a well-rounded foundation for a successful career in secured finance. We have partnered with industry professionals to create classes across multiple discipline tracks, each with an eye to real-world application.

The first new secured finance product series to be introduced is asset-based lending. Begin with our foundational course Introduction to ABL before moving on to one or all of the five functional tracks: Business Development, Field Exam, Operations, Underwriting, and Account Management. Each track features a Level One and Level Two course.

Additionally, we’ve developed a brand new hands-on Leadership for Finance Professionals workshop to help attendees hone their leadership skills and optimize their team's performance. Not sure which class to take? Please contact Nora ( with any questions.


Track Descriptions and Offerings 


Intro to ABL
Business Development
Field Exam
Account Management
Introduction to Asset-Based Lending

Introduction to Asset-Based Lending is an in-depth presentation on the dynamics of Asset-Based Lending, how it works and how it is structured. This course provides the participants with a comprehensive knowledge of Asset-Based Lending, how to structure lending parameters; minimizing risks and maximizing profitability. If you have pieced together your learning on-the-job or are just starting out, this workshop will provide the systematic foundation you need to succeed. We recommend taking this course before moving onto the intermediate and advanced courses offered in operations, underwriting, account management, field exam, and business development.

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Business Development: Levels 1 & 2

In SFNet’s brand new Business Development online courses, experts in the industry will share the secrets to new business development, including how to identify a target market, build your network, and utilize effective marketing strategies.

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Field Exam: Levels 1 & 2

Taught by a team of experienced field examiners, SFNet’s Field Exam courses cover the proper practices and techniques for a field examination, with a focus on the discovery and disclosure of risks in the asset-based borrower’s business and their impact on the lender’s position. Through case studies and real-world examples, attendees will learn the keys to conducting a thorough field exam from start to finish.

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Operations: Levels 1 & 2

SFNet’s Operations courses focus on the daily duties of the operations specialist, providing analysts with the tools to effectively analyze emerging situations and mitigate risk. Attendees can expect a thorough exploration of the key aspects of ABL operations, including borrowing base calculations, collateral monitoring, and trend card analysis.

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Underwriting: Levels 1 & 2

Underwriting is all about making judgments to manage risk, and these decisions are best made when based on experience. SFNet’s underwriting courses are developed and instructed by expert underwriters with decades of experience. Attendees will learn the essential aspects of an underwriter’s role: how to assess risk, how to deepen questioning skills to identify potential fraud, and how to develop strategies that minimize risk. Learn from real case studies of deals cone wrong and come away with ready to make better credit decisions for your clients.

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Account Management: Levels 1 & 2

Learn the ins and outs of account management with these courses geared specifically to managing asset-based lending relationships. These courses will help attendees develop the technical skills needed to anticipate credit issues and mitigate risk, while emphasizing the importance of effective communication in relationship management.

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SFNet's Leadership for Finance Professionals

In partnership with The Whole Person Project, SFNet has developed a 2.5 day interactive workshop to help attendees hone their leadership skills, identify their personal leadership style, and learn to help a team perform effectively. Intended for any asset-based finance professional pursuing a management role, this course will include tips for developing and maintaining a working relationship with your superiors, setting and sticking to career goals, and motivating and directing the work efforts of others.

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SFNet's Secured Finance Glossary of industry terms, has over 400 industry terms and definitions. You can search specific terms in the search tool, or use the alpha tool and progress on the paginations.

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