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Greenville, SC 29607
United States

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Company Employee Directory

68 Members

Cynthia Aboud
Senior Vice-President
Stuart Adair
Senior Vice President, CFO
Linda Bambraugh
Accounting Specialist
Jim Bates
Marilyn Batson
Assistant Vice President
Astrid Cardona
Senior Credit Analyst
Pat J Clemens
Vanessa D’Cunha
Director of Finance
Lucy Di Lembo
Credit Manager
Matt Ebert
Irene Eddy
Sr. Vice President, Capital Markets
JoAnne Evans
VP - Operations Manager
Jennifer Fiddament
International Assistant
James L. Fox
Mary Fragale
Assistant Director of Business Development
Tammy Gerhart
Accounting Specialist
Lisa Gibson
Sr. Client Service Manager
Benjamin Goodwin
Credit Analyst
Kimberlee Hall
Client Service Representative
J.R. Halliday
Rebecca Harris
Marketing Assistant
John Haverland
Director of Marketing
Stephen J. Healey
Managing Director
Tom Henderson
President and CEO
Gina Hensley
Senior Accounting Specialist
Ken Hitzig
Chairman of the Board
Simon Hitzig
President & CEO
Paula Jones
Senior Associate
Greg Kealey
Darcy Wayne Kindred
Director of Operations
Sally Kyle
Administrative Assistant
Marie-Pascale Lague
Marketing Coordinator
Lilies Lanway
Senior Vice President
Erik Lauer
Business Development
Johanne Lefevre
Senior Account Manager
Alex Lewis
Director of Finance
Rod Matheson
Senior Vice President
Holland Miller
Credit Analyst
Kyle Moore
Portfolio Manager
Fran Moss
Assistant Corporate Secretary
Louisa Palermo
Collection Agent
Matthew Panosian
Sr. Vice President/Chief Credit Officer
Jeffry S. Pfeffer
Managing Partner
Mechbal Rajaa
AVP Controller
Edna Ramos
Client Services Representative
Jason Rosenfeld
Brenda Satterfield
Accounts Payable
Elizabeth Scharf
Manager of Legal Documentation & Control
Sandra Sturges
Senior Portfolio Officer
Leslie Ward
Sr. Client Services Manager
Mike Wells
Kevin Westfall
Vice President
Laura Williams
Account Manager
Shannon Williams
Dir., Business Development Operations
Justin Wirt
Luci Wooley
Accounting Specialist
Dylan Zimmerman